About Us

About Amour,

  A love for fashion and for your child's accessories, but it's more than that! Amour Bows are made with passion. each piece is handmade per order by a team of talented designers, who put hard work and ensuring its perfection. With focus on luxury and top quality, making it the best bow your child can wear. Amour Bows is a fashion statement for your child. Each one has its own creative design!We have many different unique designs catered to fit your child’s personality! We have all the latest trending colors and designs from season to season. Amour bow is more than an accessory it's a necessity to complete your child’s outfit!

  Not only will you love the look but your child will love to wear it! It was designed for kids! Each headband has a soft comb places inside for any hair type to stay in place -pain free.